Issues                                                                                                                    Dec 2019
Woodstream Park/Departure Creek
This park is located on the north side of the community and Departure Creek runs through its' entire length. Much of the Creek was reclocated for real estate development decades ago and this activity virtually wiped out the salmon run. The DBNA as been involved in restoration work over the last several years, most recently 1200 plants and 200 native trees were planted along the Creek banks by DBNA members and other volunteers.
1400 Wingrove
This building has been sitting vacant following a fire over five years ago. A demolition permit has been issued cancelled and reissued during the last year. The community eagerly awaits redevelopment of this prime location.
Road Safety
Over the past two years the DBNA has been lobbying the city council about reducing the speed limit along the beachfront stretch of Departure Bay Road. The limit was reduced from 50 km/h to 40 km/h in May of 2019. Some drivers persist in speeding along this road. Beyond a simple speed limit reduction, additional traffic calming measures are needed.
Members are also pursuing aditional crosswalks for children walking to and from the elementary school and traffic slowing measures for the bottom end of bay street.
Beach Cleanup
The city is no longer removing logs from the public beach area due to environmental reasons. The DBNA will be requesting removal of weeds growing up from the bottom of the seawall.
The DBNA has supported the Nanaimo Arts Councils' Banner project by paying the registration fee for members willing to paint individual banners for summer display along the beach. The arts council as decided to not fund this project in the future. 
Halloween Party
This years Halloween party was very poorly attended. The committee will be assessing continuation in its' present form for next year. 
Easter Egg Hunt
Despite miserable weather a number of chidren participated in the first annual easter egg hunt along the beach.
This year we changed the format of the DBNA community newsletter.
Membership Questionnaire
Last winter the DBNA polled the membership to assess what is important and what would the membership like to see. Results indicated public safety and road safety are the respective first and second issued on their minds. Membership would also like to see a summer event such as a barbeque.
Bonfire Night
This popular event was held on Nov 30th to coinside with the yacht clubs christmas sail past. Attendance wa estimated to be close to 100.
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